Fiddlin' Dixie with Lil' Friends


Lil' Luthiers-  making stringed instruments that really work and learning to play songs on them.

Lil' Composers- write your very first song and hear Fiddlin' Dixie perform it for you.

Lil' Friends Instrument Zoo- Come on out and 'pick' on an instrument.

Music Workshops & Jams-

Fit-As-A-Fiddle Workshop

Off-The-Cuff Workshop

Woodsheddin' Workshop


We can bring fun learning experiences to your music festival or venue.  We also visit schools & preschools introducing students to the violin/fiddle and giving them hands on experiences.

We can help you get strings into your classroom.  We cater to the need of your particular venue.  If, for example, you would like us to visit a classroom with our Instrument Zoo to give the children hands on experience and learn more about the variety of stringed instruments. . .we can do that!  We create string-ventures and memories that last a lifetime.

     You can email us for more information or get on our schedule at [email protected]

The Fiddlin' Dixie with Lil' Friends mission is to I.nspire families for the continuation and preservation of instrumental music by S.upporting, E.ducating, and E.ncouraging Musicians by way of a portable stringed instrument music class which visits festivals, events, libraries, and schools.
    Our biggest supporters who help our mission- Southeast Michigan Bluegrass Music Association, and the Northern Indiana Bluegrass Music Association and the Michigan Fiddlers Association.  Please support your local music association! 

 *Introducing the Lil' Friends Kiddie Corner*

Every year at the music festivals we celebrate the stringed instruments in the Kiddie Corner while the bands tear it up on stage.  The Fiddlin' Dixie with Lil' Friends program enjoys supporting, teaching, and encouraging friends of all ages to have fun with the strings.  All ages can enjoy the benefits of making music!       Here are the activities we offer. . .


-- Lil' Luthier's . . .we have an area where the kid's get to make their very own instruments.  Some past instruments include the shoebox guitar, toilet roll kazoo, mouth bow, canjo, and slap-jo.

--Lil' Composer's . . . there is a beginners and advance level. . .write down some notes on a page and hear your creation performed when you finish.

-- Instrument Art . . .we have instrument color pages introducing several stringed instruments and some interesting facts about them.  We also have color books or art projects at some festivals.

-- Instrument Zoo . . . meet Thumper the washtub bassPlay a fiddle or pluck a banjo.  One on one with real stringed instruments.  You can even practice privately in the pop up woodshed!

-- Fid-dough . . .we make our own fresh dough and have a sculpting corner.

-- Games . . .brain teasers, giant checkers, guitar shuffle board, BAM I CAN JAM, or even possibly a group game of Pickin' Chairs or Banjo Bingo.

-- Other Activities . . . Canjo jams, hool-a-hoopin', Mando Munchies (for our hungry musicians) and much more fun can be found at the lil' friends so come out and join us at our next festival.

*Workshops for the Entire Family*

We make learnin' fun with a variety of workshops available.

Fit-As-A-Fiddle Workshop (Music & the Brain)- Playing an instrument to the brain is like cardio is to the heart! Learn how playing an instrument benefits the brain and keeps it healthy.

Off-The-Cuff Workshop (Play by Ear)- Learn how to hear sounds and then find them and imitate them on your instrument.

Woodsheddin' Workshop- Meet and learn a couple notes on a real instrument. We share a variety of stringed friends and you can 'pick' which one you'd like to check out.  Hosted by the Woodshed Pickers.

We-B-Jammin'- Practice at our beginners jam and you'll be out big time jammin' in no time!  Jams are a great place to help others and learn new lic's yourself. . .so all ages and levels are welcome!